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     Hanna felt a chill as she and Ida followed Armand up the walkway.
     They walked into the castle foyer, and were dazzled by the opulence.
     "Hard to believe places like this really exist," Ida said, looking all around.
    Hanna did not say anything, but the house she grew up in was rather nice, mostly because her family had been in the banking business for over a hundred years.  Most of her families' friends were living a life of luxury and privilege as well.  Of course that was before the reign of that Hitler thing.
    "Ah, this is Ms. Weber.  She will take you to your rooms.  I will be back at eight or nine.  In the mean time feel free to come and go, and explore the grounds.  If you need anything just ring for Ms. Weber, or anyone you see.  Dinner is usually served at six.  Oh, and introduce Bar to the other dogs," Armand explained.
    Over the next few weeks Hanna and Ida were familiarized with the underground networks.  Most came and went as a matter of security.
    Dunkirk was an immediate point of concern.  Hanna had no idea that Hans had been killed sabotaging the train carrying the tanks that were intended for use on Dunkirk.
    "The Luftwaffe have Stukas, Messerschmitts, and Heinkels near section three.  That's Mylan's territory.  Hanna, can we get enough explosives to them tonight to takeout twenty plains?" asked Jules.
    "If Darrell's group can get it to them.  They got a lot from their raid on the munitions plant at Calais," replied Hanna.
    When Mylan's group arrived at the Luftwffe air base, they found the plains were too heavily guarded to attack, but the fuel storage area was poorly guarded. 
    "Mylan, those fuel tanks are up hill from the plains," one of the group stated.
    "How fortuitous.  Let's put the entire ordinance around those tanks.  Maybe we can send a fire river to those plains," said Mylan, rubbing his hands together.
    Mylan and several members of the group infiltrated the base, and made their way to the fuel tanks, placed the explosives, and were in the process of an egress when they were fired on.
    Detonate!  Detonate! Yelled Mylan, but the man with the detonator had been hit.  Seconds later Mylan was hit in the abdomen.  He rolled over to the detonator, and pressed the button.
   The last thing Mylan and the last two of his group saw, was many of the plains and soldiers on fire. 
    Fifty Parisians were executed in retaliation.  The Gestapo also rounded up several people they thought might know who was responsible for the sabotage.  Among those was a lady named Fleur.
    After the usual verbal threats, they striped her, applied fire, acid, electric, sexual, tooth and eye extraction torture.  She of cause had no knowledge of the raid.
    The Baroness's group were made aware of the Fleur's detention, and treatment.
    "Let's rescue her," Hanna said.
    "No one survives their questioning." said Amand, taking a deep breath, and a sigh.
    "How about we capture an SS officer and do the same to him.  Then give him back, with a note saying they will git the same treatment as they give to others," Ida suggested.
    "Let's do it!" said Hanna, in an angry voice.
    "Easier said than done," Armand replied.
    The next day, Fleur's body was hung in the public square with a placard listing her as a saboteur, and an armed guard holding watch.  After three days the guard left, and a couple of priests took her body away.
    By then, the Baroness's group had formulated a plan to capture an SS officer.
    "Ok, one last time, they always park in the front of the restaurant.  We use up the spaces in the front, and make sure the only open space is on the dark side.  Adrien, your group takes the front of the staff car, and Ida, your group takes the back.  Gabriel, your group covers the front entrance, and Hanna, your group covers the exit.   Dominique, your group grabs the officer.  We take north routs out, if possible.  Other than that, go the best way you can.  Ethen, your group covers from across the street.  Any questions?  Ok, let's go," said Armand.
    The street lights had just turned on when the staff car arrived.  It drove around the restaurant and part of the side.  The groups moved in an took out the driver and a companion of the officer.  With six machine guns pointed at him, was willing to comply with the directions given to him.
    Two officers came running out of the restaurant, and Ethen's group put them down.
    Everyone got away uninjured.  They took the Gestapo officer to a basement under the Baroness's palace.
    "You will pay for this   You scum will all pay dearly," said the officer, with a voice of authority."
    Ida hit him in the mouth with the butt of her rifle.  The others wrestle him down, and chained him to the table.
    Hanna leaned over him and said, "Think about what you did too the Fleur?"
    He demanded to be let go.
    Hanna and Ida cut his clothing off.  He kept screaming obscenities at them, and making threats.
    "As soon as the others get here, we will begin," said Gabriel, in a giddy voice.
    Then he began making offers of clemency and money for his freedom.
    "All you need to do is scream.  Just scream, you putrid pial of Nazi shit," Armand said, with a big smile.
    "So   It's you   When I heard your name, I had to laugh out loud," said the Baroness, looking down at the naked SS officer.
    "You are one of these scum?" the officer said, though clenched teeth.  Except for those in the front that Ida had knocked out with her rifle butt.
    "Yes.  Yes, I am.  Abelard Schmidt.  Remember the times you bragged about what you did to the Jews and communists?  I hope so, because from what I'm told, your about to know what it's like to be on the other side.  I hope you rot in the lowest depths of hell," the Baroness said, as she left the basement expressing with a muted laugh.
    The officer tried to yell obscenities at the Baroness, but one of the group stuffed one of his own socks in his mouth.
    "Ah, there you are my new friend.  I am thrilled to meet you, like this anyway," said a short elderly man, adding, "Oh, I am Mr. Abraham, I'm a Jewish taxidermist.  Shall we begin?"