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     "You filthy Jew.  I will personally kill you with my bare hands," shouted the Nazi officer Abelard Schmidt, as he tried to spit on Mr. Abraham.  He was having trouble doing so, without his front teeth.
    Mr. Abraham pulled his rubber gloves tight.  An audience of around 30, and growing, had gathered.  Most of them had the unkindest things to say to officer Schmidt and the Nazis in general.
    "Let's see.  Oh yes.  Here it is," Mr. Abraham said, as he lifted a bottle of acid from his pouch.  "This bottle is too full   What do you think Mr. Nazi?"
    Officer Schmidt gritted his teeth, and was breath hard.
    Mr Abraham pored some of its contents on the Nazis genitals.
    Officer Schmidt screamed loud and hard, clenched his teeth, and shock his head back and forth several times, then repeated for several minutes.
    The gallery clapped and hooted.
    "I know, you would like to say something, but your teeth are in the way," stated Mr. Abraham, as he reached into his pouch again, and pulled out a pair of pliers.  "Now, open wide."
    The Nazi was clenching his teeth, and breathing hard.
    "You're not being very cooperative, Mr. Nazi.  That's not nice," said Mr. Abraham, as he hit him on side of his mouth several times with the pliers.  "I know, it's that acid treatment.  Well, let's see, I know," said Mr. Abraham, as he walked over to the fireplace and pulled out a red-hot poker.  "This should relieve some tension," as he placed it on the Nazis genitals where the acid had been poured. 
    The Nazi writhed in all directions and screamed in a horse voice for several minutes as the iron sizzled amid the clapping a jeering from the crowd of onlookers.
    "Look at that.  Can't see the damage?  That's because you have too many eyes," Mr. Abraham said, reaching into his bag again.  "This should fix that," he pulled out a clamp like tool.  He looked at it from several angles, and said, "No, this won't do." He walked back over to fireplace and grabbed the poker again.  He then slowly shuffled over to the Nazi and rammed it into his right eye.  There was a lot of sizzling and popping noises.  Several of the onlookers through-up and left.
    "Come on my little Nazi, wakeup   Wakeup you maggot!" Mr. Abraham yelled, while slapping the Nazis face.
    A few of the onlookers stepped forward, and stuck the Nazi with their knives.  Nothing happened.
"It's dead," said Mr. Abraham, as he stood looking down at the corpse.
    "Jacques, arrange a diversion while we hang this malignant lump in the square," said Armand.
    "Are we going to snip anyone trying to take it down?" Hanna said.
    "Absolutely.  Might not be able to do that for long, but we can get a few of them," Armand replied, adding, "After we get one or two soldiers, they will use civilians.  In any event, we need to be ready to hit them when they start executing people in retaliation."
    "I'm on it," said Ida, as she slowly moved away from the corpse.
    "Ida!  We will need as many partisans as we can get.  After this, the Nazis are going to be quite active with retaliations," Arland said, with an anxious voice.
    "Maybe, with what's going on with Dunkirk, they'll be too distracted to apply too much effort to this," Rafael said, as he and two others rolled the corpse onto a blanket.
    "Maybe   Then again," Arland answered.
    "Arland, I just talked to Achille from group 5, and he said the Nazis are everywhere looking for our corpse," said Hanna.
    "Keep everyone in the catacombs for now.  Best not to be on the  streets where they can be picked up for questioning," said Arland.
    By the nest day, Jacques had scouted out the best positions for the diversion, and Rafael had chosen enough snippers with lookouts to cover at least 24 hours.
    As the diversion began and the all clear was given, Armand and six others rushed the town square and hung the Nazi to the light post in the center.vkm
    "Good job   Let's leave it to the snippers," Arland said, as the group stopped in an alley to look back before going their separate ways.
    A staff car and escort drove through the square, and almost missed the spectacle of their own swaying in the breeze.
    The staff car was alerted by one of the escorts, and it turned around.
    An officer got out of the car, and approached the scene.  Several of the escorts also approached the corpse.  That's when the snippers began to fire.
    The driver spead off with one other officer in the backseat, but he was hit before he could clear the square.  Two of the snippers back ups decided to capture the officer in the back seat.  All of the others were killed.
    The captured officer was Colonel Karl Hotz.  He met the same fate, only in less prestigious surroundings.  He was hung by one leg, sporting more injuries, from a flag pole in another part of town.
    There were no reprisals for Col. Hotz's demise, until Dunkirk had been quelled.  Then the Nazis executed 100 women and children, with a warning of more severe consequences for any subversion.
    The Baroness Elisabeth continued with her elegant nightly dinners, with chamber music.  The germens were furious, and ranted openly about attacks on them.  This open ranting was a treasure trove of intel.
    Mr. Abraham was a favorite guest as he was a taxidermist, and the Nazi officers were fervent hunters.  Little did they know, he was sizing the up for special treatment, while listening to their bragging about the kills they have made.
    "Excuse me, Mr. Halberg - Halberg was the name used by Mr. Abraham around the Nazis - would you mind giving the Baroness's cousin a quote on a boar he collected yesterday?" a waiter asked.
    "Of course.  Excuse me gentleman," Mr. Abraham said, giving a shallow bow.