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    "You look like you are ready to attack those officers.  What if one of them ask you for your papers?" Said Armand.
    "You're right   I do feel like I will kill them right here and right now," answered Mr. Abraham.
    "Go walk the grounds or something.  Your eye's look like they are going fall out, and wash your face, it's beat red," Hanna suggested.
    "Hanna, go with him.  See if you can keep him out of trouble," said Ida.
    "I think that's a good idea.  Aside from looking angry, he looks like he's about to stroke out." Hanna replied.  Arm in arm they strolled into the garden.
    Back in Germany, Heinrich, Tomasz, and Helga had not been able to obtain papers, so they relocated to the Hotel Anlage in Heidelberg.  They were keeping busy showing Nazis their appreciation for what they had done, and were doing. 
    "We have been extremely lucky getting this far without papers," I said, looking out the window at soldiers stopping people on the street.
     Helga walked over to the window, "Somebody besides us has been
busy," she said, pointing out smoke rising at the far end of the city.  
    "I wonder what is over there." Tomasz said.
    "Let's go to the restaurant, and see if we can pick up some useful commentary," I suggested.
    "I could use a bite," Helga said, while she was fixing her hair.
    Tomasz and Helga were putting on their coats, and I was still looking out the window.
    "Gestapo!  Two of them with four soldiers just entered the Hotel," I said.
    "Back door," Helga shouted.
    We were down the stars and out the back in what seemed like seconds.  We walked down a block and crossed the street.  We could see our room window and watched for activity.  It wasn't long before a dark profile filled the window.  A few minutes later the Nazis left.
    "My heart won't take too much more of these deals," Tomasz exclaimed.
    We walked a few blocks staying to the side streets.
    Later we found a restaurant, and were seated by two elderly ladies wearing swastika armbands.  They kept looking at us with piercing eyes.
    "The Nazis are looking for two men and a woman."  One woman said, loud enough we could easily hear her, while staring at her plate and moving her fork around.
    "We wear these armbands to keep the Nazis off our backs," the other woman said.
    "One of you should move over to our table," said the first woman.
    We looked at each other, and I decided to move to their table.
    "So, what do you know about us?" I asked.
    "The Gestapo have been around twice asking for information about two men and a woman travelling together.  Everyone in here noticed you.  The good news is that we are all partisans," said the second woman.  For now, enjoy yourselves.  When we leave, wait a few minutes, then leave.  Turn to the right, and catch up with us," the first woman ordered, with an authoritative voice.
    We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and had a pleasant dinner with no further conversation.
    The two ladies asked us our names, but did not give us theirs.  They took us to a house just outside of the city.  When we got inside, we found ourselves surrounded by stacks of paper, electronic devices, and weapons.
    "We do the printing down stairs, and there is room for you for you two men upstairs, and Helga, you can stay with me in my room.  This is Adler, he will make you new identities, and you must not travel together again, your too hot.  In fact, it's a miracle you made it this far," Aurelie said.
    "When you have settled in, we will begin with your new identities," said Adler.  He was a tall slender man with obvious cigarette burns on his face and arms, and he was missing several teeth.
    "He did not talk," Aurelie said, noticing us noticing Adler's injuries.
    Day's later, Tomasz and paired with Ida, and I was paired with a young lady named Madalyn.  She was a college student learning chemistry and nursing. 
    Pierre was our coordinator.  He gave us our assignments, arms, money, and peptalks.
    Madalyn and I were given two radios, and tickets to Luxembourg to stay at the City hotel in Gare.  We were relay intel on German activities to and from other partisan groups. 
    When we got there, we found most of the rooms were occupied by German officers.  Our cover was that we were looking for work until we could resume our educations, and Luxembourg was safer and less expensive then France.  I walked with a limp, and was not questioned about military service.  Madalyn got a job as waitress, and I got a job at an auto repair shop.
    We could not have asked for better circumstances to attain intel.  Madalyn was a favorite with the officers due to her charm and natural beauty, and at the garage, the soldiers bringing in repair work could not stop talking about their duties.
    We took walks in the forest where we had hidden the radios, and we could discuss the days intel.  Our walks also give the Gistapo plenty of time to search our room, which they did on a regular basis.
    One day, a general came into the shop, and ordered us to accompany him.  He took us about ten miles into the forest where we were order to fix a massive flatbed trailer like thing hulling a large rocket.  We looked it over, and told officer we would need a portable power supply, heavy duty welder, and some specialty tools that we had no idea were to attain.  He told us he would have what we needed the next day.
   Madalyn and I took our usual walk, and passed the coordinates of the rocket back to Aurelie.  Adler gave us the order to find where the rocket was being taken, and sabotage the project at any cost if an air strike was not possible.