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    We knew that our efforts in Luxembourg have come to an end.
    The map showed the mountain road the rocket was on split off several times.  We would have to follow it to know its destination.  Repairs required four days under constant observation by the Gestapo.
    Madalyn said she would like to stay with me on the rocket project.  She knew it was going to be extremely dangerous.
    We said good bye to the people we had met, and told them Madalyn's mother was not feeling well.  We got off the bus just before Capellen, diched everything except some canned food and dried beef.  Then we headed back to Luxenbourg.
    We could hear fare off bombing all day and night.  That gave us comfort.
    We stopped at the road lead to the rocket, and camped on the opposite  side.  We only had to wait a few minutes before transports of machinery and troops turned up the road.
    It had begun to snow, so we knew our tracks would be covered as we made our way through the woods alongside the road.  The transports tracks made clear in which direction we were going to find the rocket.  On the third day, we could hear a lot of activity not far in front of us.  We moved further away from the road, just in case there were guards posted, which turned out to be a good idea.  Guards were posted insight of each other.
   The road did not show on the map, and lead to a massive tunnel entrance.  We could not see a way for aerial attacks, so we jestingly decided to sneak in, and blow it up.
    As we made our way back down the mountain to relay our intel, we came across another stranded rocket.
    "Only two guards," Madalyn said, then added, "We could hide under the tarp.  Then set our timer, and sneak out."
    "I can see us sneaking in, and committing suicide by rocket," I stated.
    "We have to take it out.  Besides, there are probably more of them in there," Madalyn said, biting off a piece of dried beef.
    "Ok   Just remember, it's your idea," I said, in an apprehensive voice and a smile.
    We were waiting for the opportunity to commence with our plan, when there was a tremendous noise, we had not heard before.  It was one of the rockets being fired.  The guards were watching the sky, so we took the opportunity to make our way under the tarp.  We took one half breath, and almost passed out from the fuel fumes.  We decided to try and hide in the undercarriage hopping they would not notice us.
    They pulled up to two large metal doors.  The doors opened, and an empty undercarriage was pulled out.
    "I'm guessing by the scorch marks, that these things are some kind of launch ramp," Madalyn said, in a whisper.
    Our launch ramp was pulled into the tunnel about one hundred feet.  There were many civilians milling around, and some obviously dead laying here and there.  The smell was choking. 
    Madalyn set an explosive against the rocket, and set the timer for five minutes.
    There were only two guards sitting at a table between us and a small door in the huge metal doors.
    "Let's grab one of those bodies, and pack it toward that small door.  When I get on the far side of the second guard, use your knife on the first guards' neck, like I showed you.  I'll do the same to the other one," I ordered.
     Madalyn had just a bit of trouble, and the guard managed to get out a small scream like noise, but no one seemed to notice.
    We picked up deceased participant, and exited the small door, not knowing what we would find on the other side.
    "One minute, and counting," Madalyn said, under her breath, adding, "God this guy stinks."
    As we went through the door, a guard stepped forward, then stepped back several feet.  He pointed toward the snow bank to his left, and stepped back even further.
    "Ten seconds," Madalyn stated, through clenched teeth,"
    We got to the top of the snow bank when it blew.
    Those big metal doors were apparently made to keep things out, because they were blown over the tops of the trees, followed by a tremendous horizontal river of fire.  The rocket next in line also detonated. 
    We found ourselves slammed against the trees, and covered in snow. 
    "Christ That's what I call an explosion.  Good work there Mam," I said to Madalyn.
    "Ah, it was nothin.  I could do it all day long," she replied, scrapping off the snow.
    We could not stop laughing as we made our way through the trees, on our way down the mountain.
    "I'm never going to get this stench off my hands," Madalyn said, rubbing them in the snow.
    "Did you get any on your face?" I asked.
    "No, I don't think so," she replied.
    We looked at each other and began a thirty-minute kiss.
    Lacking radios and supplies, we decided deliver our intel in person back in Heidelberg.  When we made it to the main road, we could hear more explosions echoing in what seemed like all directions.
    "If I never accomplish another thing, I feel like I have done something with my life," I said, looking to the mountain echoes
    "I know exactly what you mean.  Shall we do it again?" Madalyn replied.
    "Ok," I said, adding, "I have nothing better to do."
    We walked arm and arm to the next bus stop smiling, occasionally shaking our heads, and stomping our feet.
    There were a lot of military vehicles speeding down the road.  We knew where they were going, which made us even more giddy.
    "I wonder how much a setback we gave them?" Madalyn pondered.
    "Not enough," I answered, adding, "Not enough."
    We arrived at the next bus stop only to find hundreds of people ahead of us.
    A halftrack pulled over from the convoy, and two Gestapo got out.  The soldiers in the back followed them at a distance.
    "Just in case, I'll go to the other end of the crowd," I said, not knowing if they were looking for a couple of our descriptions or not.